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Developer Documentation

Anaplan API Guide and Reference I authored in Apiary's version of markdown. I ran cURL statements on the command line to get JSON responses.
RESTful API Reference and "How-To" Guide Updated the NotebookBrowser1.3Developer_How-To.html reference, tested the API calls, logged bugs, improved the navigation. Authored in raw HTML. Note: XML, not JSON.
Web Service portal - with Web Service Developer's Guide - I designed the navigation scheme, wrote and tested the service method call wrapper, created the retrieval flag chapter under guidance of the SME, improved the developer's draft. Authored in FrameMaker and converted to HTML and PDF using Quadralay WebWorks. I improved the API Reference (javadoc).
Developer's Guide for a Tool Used to Query Pharmaceutical Databases I wrote AccelrysDrawDevelopersGuide4_2 in conjunction with Development. Authored in FrameMaker. Areas of focus: Examples Summary and all of the examples, Add-ins. I also wrote many of the XML-based API Reference comments and helped the developer improve API naming.
Developer's Guide for a Scripting Language for Scientific Business Rules with concepts, procedures, and reference:
- Most of my work involved the 477 page Methods chapter, the core chapter of the language reference  
Scripting examples written in conjunction with Development. Authored in FrameMaker. The Cheshire scripting language, modeled on JavaScript, has many methods for its "classes" (Atom, Bond, Reaction), much like the Java APIs, as well as general purpose functions to make calculations.

Administrator Documentation

Anaplan Guide for Informatica Cloud The Informatica Connector allows non-developers to drag-and-drop components into a flow that supports data integration. A common use case is to import data from Salesforce into Anaplan, or to export data from Anaplan into another tool, such as SAP or Workday. Depending on which "Connector" I was documenting, I would author in AsciiDoc, MS Word, or Confluence.
Big Data query language -

Network monitoring tool for Big Data caches -

Examples of the kinds of Big Data documents that I updated using the "markdown" wiki-like mark-up language, which becomes HTML through a PHP engine. I also wrote internal documentation using the Confluence wiki on how a technical writer can make use of this technology stack, from topic creation to website "push".
ADM_Administration-SymyxNotebook6.8SP1-1.pdf Concepts and Procedures for Administrators to manage various types of users of an enterprise application.
Deployment-Update2-SymyxNotebook6.7.pdf Deployment of an update that integrates a web service with enterprise software.
Administration Guide for a Scientific Drawing Tool I wrote AccelrysDrawConfigurationGuide4_2-updates-in-progress.pdf in conjunction with Development. Authored in FrameMaker. Areas of particular focus: custom xml files, enabling radio buttons for purity, setting values for display preferences, removing a features, ChemCheck configuration, Cheshire actions, Specifying the custom Ptable and custom weights, Running your Cheshire scripts, indexing.

End-User Documentation

Cloud-based Query tool for scientific research - online Help written and updated in conjunction with Product Management and Support.

Lectures for Students of Java

Concepts, Procedures, and Code Examples to illustrate object-oriented concepts and Java syntax are in the Lecture notes of the Java class I teach for U.C. Berkeley Extension - 
First Course in Java
See also my tutorial for JAR files

For Interviewers

Improving Developer Documentation Examples of improvements I made to develop documentation, including writing API Reference comments in XML to create illustrative visuals for a scientific drawing tool.
Documenting an API How a technical writer can assume responsibility for API documentation.
Error Messaging: working with a developer to improve the interface for the user My write-up of a morning's work in user-advocacy and usability improvement.
Interview with Thomas Albert A written interview to answer frequently asked questions.
RoboHelp 11 WebHelp sample I wrote this WebHelp system to demonstrate proficiency in RoboHelp (2 hours) and my research skills in an entirely new domain, Workers Compensation. I manually edited the .css file to get Heading1 in orange and Heading2 in green.
Guidelines for Technical Writers From 1999 but several technical writers have told me these guidelines are useful.
Glossary of Java-related Business Intelligence Terminology A work-in-progress.
Interview with Thomas Albert A written interview to answer frequently asked questions.

Note: I do not have copies of my work at Oracle, but Google somehow might -